Haha...sorry of the quote as the title. Grendal's mommy just said it on Beowulf on the Sci-Fi channel (it's the one where the guy who plays Raiden in Mortal Kombat plays Beowulf). XD

Anyway, my wrist hurts. Not as bad as it did earlier. I did take the brace off of it though. It also doesn't help that I am right-handed. XD We don't know what I did to it but it just hurts now after working. It probably has something to do with the repetitive movements it takes to wash dishes at work. Also, it doesn't help that I did break this wrist when I was a little kid. That more than likeyly has something to do with it as well (yes, I will randomly have problems with it before this as well).

Work was nice. Last like two hours were kinda slow except for the last 15minutes I had to work. Then I got to leave. Well, I had to wait for my Frozen Mocha to be made since it got a little busy so it wasn't ready for when it was time for me to go. Frozen Mochas are love. Especially at least those at Cranberry's Grocery & Eatery. XD Of couse I have to plug where I work at.

Last night I finally got my gold star level on Whuddle World. It made be uber happy. ^^ I'm Rosebuffalo on there so if you have an account, add me? Also, if you have Subeta, you should like totally so add me and I'm TerrenaAnimula on there.

Why must Code Geass come on at 1:30 and 2:00 in the morning? I really don't feel like staying up late, but I shall just to watch.

For my web design project, the content is still being pushed down in Firefox. Also, what I have uploaded on my site isn't the latest one since it now has buttons! Css buttons which were in our css anthology book of which I used because we were told we could. So, I used them then it took an hour and a half to fix it since it was screwy. :/ I guess it only works correctly if you have them on a line instead of trying to list them. Also, I had such a hard time with giving them a fixed width but I was able to fix that! Yay!
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