Right, well, I went to my statistics class this morning as usual on mondays. Got test back (Got a 94! Woot!) and we got to get out early after we finished the course evaluation thingie. So then, I walk over to V building for my next class to go sit in the classroom since there is no class before my class. I get to the main door of the building and attempt to open it and it will not open! It was locked. So, I was like totally confused on why the door was locked. People do have 8am classes in there so why is it still locked at 9am?! So I had to walk back to one of the side doors which were opened just to go to my class.

So, I spend half an hour reading Obsidian Butterfly while waiting for class to begin. Once the profressor came in, it turns out we were supposed to be having our exam today instead of having it on Wednesday at 8am like we are supposed to. Last class (on wednesday) he was telling us out exam is on wednesday at 8am. Then today he was like, today is the exam with no warning. The only email he sent out was one where it said if you didn't turn in the one reading quiz to turn it in monday for the exam. That was it. So most people thought it was just a typo and then some people didn't even see it because they don't have the internet at home. Nope, exam turned out to be today. But everyone managed to make him make it on wednesday since that's what he did tell us and when we are supposed to have it because that's when the school scheduled the 9:30 mondays and wednesdays classes to be. So, exam is now on wednesday. Then after that he told us to leave. That made a lot of people pissed too because a lot of people had to travel from different places just for that class today whether or not that was their only class or it was their only class just for this particular day since it is the last day before exams.

In other news, I have 2 more pages left for my web design project! Woo!! It just took me like 7 hours to do 3 of the pages. XD So, I still have to do the index page of which I don't know what to do and then the page where I will be putting the form. I hate forms. I hate tables as well. And I hate divs while the hate for the divs is a mutual feeling since they hate me as well. XD

Anything else exciting happen today? If it did, I don't remember. I took a nap and I missed House. *sigh* I tend to forget things after I take a nap or go to bed. I do not know why.

Ooo...this is going to be my first cross-post. I'm posting this on Dreamwidth and gonna cross-post it to my LJ. So, if you're reading my lj, I might be updating here more and not everything is going to be x-posted. But for the most part, my entries are going to be public. Love you?


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